Joanna and Yonnie

Joanna  – artist, muralist ,arts project co-ordinator.

Yonnie -drama specialist,creative facilitator, educational co-ordinator.

 We met following work together on the  pioneering Save the Children project “Partners” (1999-2001).

On this project we travelled with the Edinburgh Puppet Company first to Brazil, Peru and Cuba and then throughout the United Kingdom, using art, drama and puppetry to explore rights issues with young people.Working with local artists and educators, we shared expertise and applied the creative arts as a communication tool to increase children’s understanding of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and to link the lives and experiences of children in Latin America and the UK. This collaborative way of engaging children and young people through the use of art and drama has provided the foundation for may subsequent artistic collaborations .This has included many largescale issue-based mural projects both in the UK and internationally, often with a cross-cultural dimension.

Our mission is to collaborate with children, young people and adults both in the community and in a variety of educational settings by using art and drama to nurture inspiration, exploration and discovery.


We create an enjoyable and positive environment that engages participation, sparks imagination and stimulates the curiosity and interest of the group.


We draw on the experiences and ideas of the group to encourage communication and self-expression in a way that values each  individual’s uniqueness and celebrates collective creativity


We believe that our way of using art and drama effectively encourages personal and group development through dynamic and creative learning.

 Recent Clients include :

Together Scotland (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights)’

The Children’s Parliament, Scotland

Edinburgh, Fife County, Midlothian and East Lothian Councils,

The Scottish Government,

International Clients include:

Darue Malungo Community Education\Afro Brazilian Dance Centre, Recife, Brazil
Asociacion Pukllasunchis, Cusco, Peru

The National Aquarium Havana,Cuba

Centro Estudiantil Jose de la luz y Caballero,Havana, Cuba