Climate Change Mural

In spring 2008, I was commissioned by The Children’s parliament to work with 20 children and engage them in the global debate on climate change and particularly the national debate on the Scottish Climate Change Bill which was being developed by Scottish Government.To do this I designed and coordinated a series of interactive workshops where the children from Fife, Western Isles, North Edinburgh and South Ayrshire worked with “experts” and became Historians , Scientists,Politicians and Activists .Having experienced each workshop the children came together and we worked to create this eyecatching a 6-panel mural .As well as the 6 painted panels it featured drawers at the foot of the mural with prose/poetry and messages in tins and bottles secured down each side.

The project was brought together by WWF Scotland and Children in Scotland, and supported by Scottish Government and Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People.

The members of the Children’s Parliament (MCP’s) exhibited and presented this mural at the 2008 Festival of Politics, and two MCPs, accompanied by the mural, were invited by Scottish Government to Brussels in June 2009 to present at an EU Green Week event ‘Climate Change – Act and Adapt’.